Get all Your Ducks in a Row with a Tire Rotation


When it comes to getting all your ducks in a row, you probably have a master list of all the things you will need for any given day. For a day in the office, you need your work computer, a few files and a lunch. For a road trip with the kids, you need a cooler full of juices and snacks, and a playlist that is entertaining for them without being a headache for you. When you are planning, do you ever wonder about what your car needs?


The four things all Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and RAM vehicles all have in common are the wheels, and more specifically: the tires, they use to get around town or the countryside. You might easily remember when you engine needs an oil change, but scheduling a tire rotation can easily be forgotten, and without a proper balance and rotation, everything can get out of whack.


When you bring your car, truck, or SUV in to our service center in Great Falls, MT, we look at the wheels and the tires to check for uneven wear and stress, and then we'll make recommendations regarding maintenance based on our findings. The roads around Montana are never even and flat, so the tires wear differently on the different wheels. If the tires and wheels go too long without being re-balanced and aligned, the entire driving and steering system can be affected, which can in turn hinder the performance you are accustomed to from your automobile. Do not leave it up to chance, and make an appointment for a tire rotation here at Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Great Falls today. We made it easy, so you can either call us at (844) 268-7908, or schedule your appointment online. This time, truly get all of your ducks in a row.

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