The Dodge Challenger Has Multiple Packages

When consumers visit Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Great Falls, they get opportunities to check out many Dodge Challengers along with different vehicle packages. All of the packages are worth considering because they offer unique perks.

The main packages include the Blacktop, Classic, Appearance, and Performance package. If you need a package that's specifically designed to add value, style, and flair, the Blacktop bundle is a practical choice. It features sleek floor mats, flashy rims, and an appealing grille and bezel. The Classic option has vintage elements that suit car enthusiasts. R/T Classic Dodge Challenger cars stand out on the road because they have a bold stripe that highlights a dramatic paint scheme. Classic Dodge automobile fans will also benefit from buying the Appearance package. This option includes a bumblebee stripe and a bold bezel and grille. Anyone who needs great horsepower and speed will enjoy owning a Dodge Challenger with the Performance package since it features advanced braking and suspension hardware.

These vehicle packages make the Dodge Challenger a standout product. If you select one of these packages, you'll enhance each driving experience in Great Falls, MT.

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