The Dodge Grand Caravan: Built for Safe Driving

Larger vehicles have a reputation for being difficult to drive. Dodge sought out to overcome this issue in the new Grand Caravan. This admired family minivan has advanced safety features that are constantly working in the background to keep you safe on the road. We here at Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Great Falls are eager to show you how the Dodge Grand Caravan can change the way you drive.

Whether you're driving around tight curves or wet Great Falls, MT streets, the Grand Caravan's Traction Control system, and Electronic Stability Control system have you covered. The Traction Control feature works to prevent wheel slip. It's operational at any speed and works to prevent issues by automatically applying brake pressure and reducing transmission power.

The Electronic Stability Control system is engineered for wet or icy roads. It monitors your steering and helps to prevent control issues like over-steering. It will make automatic changes so that you can stay on track safely.

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