New Jeep Cherokee and Plenty of Safety Features

The safety features you'll discover in the new Jeep Cherokee help to keep drivers safe on the highway or even your driveway.

Activate the Lane-Keeping System in the new Jeep Cherokee and the radar scans the road ahead and can identify if drifting from the lane occurs. If the vehicle is drifting, the steering wheel starts vibrating to grab the attention of the driver, so they take corrective action quickly.

Using your Jeep Cherokee in reverse allows the Cross-Traffic Alert feature to be activated. This system will use a radar and sensors to monitor if any vehicles move behind you as you're backing up. If yes, you'll get alerts on the side mirror or the center console, giving you enough time to avoid an accident.

Test drive the new Jeep Cherokee when you get over to Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Great Falls and you can see these incredible features and discover why this is such a popular vehicle.

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