What Are Some of The Odder Motor Oil Myths

Motor oil plays an important role in the proper operation of a vehicle. Worries over what "bad" motor oil can do to an engine lead many drivers to fret over routine oil changes. Their worries might even lead them to prescribe to strange myths about motor oil.

Two of the big myth exist regarding motor oil. Contrary to what many believe, oil doesn't need to be changed exactly at 3,000 miles. Nor is oil expired the second it turns black. Certain vehicles may need to be changed at 3,000 miles, but not every make and model does. Oil changes color due to exposure to contaminants. So, the oil might be fine even with a dark color.

Myths about synthetic oil confuse owners. The idea that the first use synthetic oil in a motor means you must always use synthetic oil isn't accurate. Neither is the theory synthetic oil contributes to leaks.

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