Try Servicing Your Battery Before You Replace it

We have all been there before: Trying to start our car, truck, or SUV and listening to it crank over and over again. Sometimes when this happens, you get lucky and it fires up. Sometimes it doesn't. Either way, it's never a good feeling knowing that you are starting to (or have already) lost your car battery.

But if it is still turning over, you might be able to save it. Before you replace it altogether, you can first try these steps recommended by the Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Great Falls service team and see if that extends the life of your car's battery for you:

  • Clean the cables and battery posts. The acidic corrosion buildup on those can impede performance of your vehicle's battery.
  • Check the level of the electrolytes and add water to the fill holes if it is necessary.
  • Use a hydrometer to check the condition and charge of the battery.

If these steps don't do enough to get your battery back in acceptable condition, then it is probably time to replace it. To get a battery maintenance done or have it replaced altogether, call or visit the service center here at Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Great Falls, MT.

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