Giving Another Car a Jump Start

If you find yourself in the position to help out another car that has broken down from a dead battery, you only need a set of jumper cables to get the job done. When you lift the car hoods up, find the positive and negative terminals of the batteries. Connect the red cables to the positive ends. The black cables are for the negative ends.

After all the cables are connected, start the working engine and then the dead battery. Give it about five minutes to keep running before disconnecting the cables. After that, the newly running engine should not turn off for another 15 minutes. If you turn the car off too soon, you could have trouble getting it started again.

To make sure that your car is able to keep running, come in to our service center Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Great Falls in Great Falls, MT to have your battery looked at and replaced at a good price if needed.

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